Huguenot Primary School Cares

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Huguenot Primary School Cares

The Wellington Lions Club has been doing its part to clean up our town by running a long term project that sees Correctional Services supplying labour on weekends to walk the streets and clean up garbage. These workers are supervised and fed by members of the Lions Club. Every Saturday around 15 people work from early morning filling dozens of garbage bags. It is hard work spending hours in the Wellington sun and we rely on sponsors to supply the food and drink to keep the energy levels up. The project has been running for some time and many individuals have been kind enough to prepare some sandwiches and cold drinks for the guys. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you! You help us make a difference.

Our latest food and drink sponsor was the Huguenot Primary School’s Aftercare Centre who supplied scrumptious sandwiches and fruit juice. We’d like thank the school for getting involved in this project and we want to extend an invitation to other individuals and businesses in Wellington to also get involved in sponsoring food (or funds to buy the food) as a way to put something back into the community of Wellington.

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