The Road to Hamburg

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The Road to Hamburg

The 96th Lions International Convention (July 5-9, 2013)

by DG James Stigant

We were pleasantly surprised by the large number of Lions from our club Wellington and other Lions from various zones and clubs who came to see us off at the Cape Town International Airport.

After flying to Schipol we took a connecting flight to Hamburg and were welcomed there by the local Lions and the City of Hamburg. The four DG’s from A,B,C and D got together and joined class no 18 and were further taught the finer points for the coming DG year by PID Nesim Levi.

The 2km parade parade was a highlight attended by 25 000 lions. The South African and Namibian contingent consisted of about 35 Lions.

Photo session with Int. Pres. Barry Palmer and wife Anne

Photo session with Int. Pres. Barry Palmer and wife Anne

An official photo session with the International President Barry Palmer was held for all the incoming DG’s – we were about 750.

Peace poster winners were displayed in the foyer of the Civic Centre. About 30 000 Lions attended the Convention, an unforgettable experience. There were many big screens at convention making it easier to follow the proceedings. There were also workshops for the companions.

A formal Banquet for about 2000 Lions was held in a huge dock side shed and was very efficiently executed. Plus minus 140 My City type busses conveyed all the delegates to and from their various hotels.

Become a DG one day and experience this once in a life time occasion!

Hamburg Convention Highlights

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